• Šentviška planota
  • Šentviška planota
  • Šentviška planota
  • Šentviška planota
  • Šentviška planota

About the Šentviška Gora Plateau

The Šentviška Gora Plateau is a broad subalpine plateau that rises between the Bača Gorge, the Idrijca Valley, and the Cerkno Hills. It is covered by neatly cultivated fields, forests, and slopes dropping down into the valley, as well as typical karst features that lend a special character to the landscape.
Its central part is crisscrossed with asphalt and gravel roads, and unpaved routes run through the meadows and forests. The plateau offers many recreation and leisure opportunities, especially cycling, hiking, and other outings; in winter, skiing is also possible.
The area has a rich history and many natural, cultural, ethnological, and other attractions. The major villages include Ponikve, Pečine, Prapetno Brdo, and Šentviška Gora. Many clubs and societies are active here, enriching social life for both locals and visitors throughout the year.


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